Marcos Novak

Liquid Architecture /

Marcos Novak/

1999 /

“Liquid architecture is an architecture that breathes, pulses, leaps as one form and lands as another. Liquid architecture is an architecture whose form is contingent on the interest of the beholder; it is an architecture that opens to welcome me and closes to defend me; it is an architecture without doors and hallways, where the next room is always where I need it to be and what I need it to be.”


Marcos Novak is an architect, artist, composer, and theorist who employs algorithmic techniques to design actual, virtual and hybrid intelligent environments. The self-described transarchitect is seeking to expand the definition of architecture by including electronic space, and originated the concept of liquid architectures in cyberspace and the study of a dematerialized architecture for the new, virtual public domain, the immersive virtual worlds. He is the founder of the “TransArchitectures” events (conferences and exhibitions). He represented Greece at the Venice Biennale 2000 and has exhibited his work in numerous digital media exhibitions. []