Noogy 2.0

– VJ’ing on buildings. (14/11/2007) Mix live visuals on the front of a building through using the audio you generate on your mobile phone. i-DAT is presenting Noogy 2.0 a large scale interactive installation at the front of the Portland Square building at the University of Plymouth. Noogy 2.0, which goes live during Motion Plymouth Festival on the 14th of November 2007, is the latest upgrade to last years Noogy that made headline news. Noogy 2.0 will combine a rich mix of the physical and virtual by incorporating ‘smart’ buildings and mobile phone technologies into a dynamic building size interactive VJ system. How too ‘Noo – J’: Just dial 07511 253710 and Noo – J away. The sound you produce down the phone will generate the visuals on the fly across an area of 50m2 consisting of 9600 LEDs. Standard rates apply (the rate you pay might vary dependent on network provider) (rather poor phone movie..)