Professor Phil Stenton

Phil Stenton is Professor of Pervasive Media and a Director of Calvium Ltd, a high tech start-up in Bristol. Prior to joining the University he co-authored the Pervasive Media Studio, a joint venture between Hewlett-Packard and Watershed, responsible for changing the approach to idea incubation and seeding a number of start-ups in the Creative Industries.
During his 24 years at Hewlett-Packard’s Research Labs he and his teams worked with organisations across the world to deliver research insights, new technology and research-led products and businesses. He has a history of managing investment in research resources to guide and support strategic decisions within multi-billion dollar businesses.
As the Director of the City and Buildings Virtual Research Centre Phil managed a £2m programme of business collaborations within the DTI’s Next Wave Technologies and Markets and programme. Phil is a reviewer for the Technology Strategy Board, UKRC, the dot.rural Digital Economy Hub and University of Nottingham’s Digital Economy funded Doctoral Training Centre. He is on the advisory committee for AHRC’s £5m Beyond Text Programme and on the editorial board of the Journal Personal and Ubiquitous Computing.
Phil is a strong believer in multi-disciplinary teams, emergence,  the potential of ubiquitous technology and the need to produce producers (Sharpe 2010) for the creative economy. He is also keen to give credit where it is due and not to reinvent the wheel. He believes there are very few unique ideas and that it is what you do with ideas that makes the difference. But then he also believes that Rotherham Utd will one day get promoted to league one