Remediating Urban Space Symposium

Remediating Urban Space Symposium
Wednesday 6th June 2012 10.00– 16.30

Plymouth University, Plymouth, UK

Organised by: School of Architecture and i-DAT Plymouth University, UK
Keynote: Mark Shepard, University of Buffalo
Communication technologies remediate everyday urban life, resulting in subtle shifts in the spatial, temporal, scalar and material processes which are ‘all too often overlooked in conventional and binary approaches opposing the ‘virtual’ realm of new technologies to ‘real’ urban places’ (Crang 2007). We need to move beyond an artificially created dichotomy of a real and a virtual world as if the two were opposed. Instead, we must develop a new understanding of our activities and behaviour in the spaces of the city; since online and mobile socially networked spaces and realworld places are connecting and converging in numerous and complex ways. The challenge before us is finding ways to engage with these changes as designers. The aim of the workshop is to consider more fully the multiple, subtle, and interdependent spatio-temporalities which together work to constitute ICT-based urban change. How do we start to create meaningful spaces that merge digital and physical interactions?
The workshop will examine and propose design responses for how to remediate urban space through a range of ICT’s, locative media and smart objects. It will draw on an interdisciplinary field of architecture, human computer interaction, geography, media studies, art and sociology to explore questions of how urban space can be conceived and inhabited when it is mediated, and the nature of these mediated experiences at an everyday level. Contributions will be a mix of ideas/projects and case studies.
9.30-10.00 am
Session 1: The ‘internet of things’, social memory and networked objects
Chair: Chris Speed, Edinburgh College of Art, UK
Michiel de Lange ( and Utrecht University, Netherlands)- Playing for ownership: mobile media and playful encounters
Emma Whittaker (, UK)- Locating Storyworlds: listening and feeling space and sound
Dimitrios Charitos (University of Athens, Greece)- “Where” is the space that we experience during locative media use ?
Karen Martin (University of Kent, UK)- In-between spaces: Interaction as material
12.00-1.00pm – Lunch
Mark Shepard, University of Buffalo, USA
Sentient City
Session 2 Urban screens, urban public space and participation
Chair: Ava Fatah gen. Schieck, UCL, UK
Simona Lodi (Share festival, Italy)- Augmentation, information and immersion in spatial contexts
Lorena Melgacao (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil)- Long Distance Voodoo: social negotiation in the public space through remote actuation.
Marcos Pereira Dias (School of Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne, Australia)- New Experiences of Mediated Urban Space Through Participatory Networked Art
Martyn Dade-Robertson (University of Newcastle, UK)- Architectural User Interfaces
Alex Aurigi (Plymouth University, UK)
False Syntaxes: Why urban design thinking should help shaping the digital city
closing discussion/wrap up
There will be no registration fee, but in order to participate please confirm your attendance in advance to
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