Ricky Burke

Ricky is a researcher working with i-DAT and Architecture in the School of Art, Design and Architecture. Ricky has an academic and professional background in architecture, specialising in digital design and BIM systems and focused on user development of environments through user engagement. Ricky has taught in higher education since 2011, with a focus on digital architectural design.

Ricky’s research is focussed on development of intelligent design systems, in which virtual environments can learn from the behaviour of users and adapt to respond to difficulties in spatial coordination and interpretation. The research is centred around the design of specialist environments for individuals with cognitive and perceptual impairments, with a particular focus on design for dementia.

Ricky’s research builds upon virtual reality, artificial intelligence and BIM technologies and involves the development of prototype models for a reciprocal design platform in which user behaviour and experience actively drive design.

Email: ricky.burke@plymouth.ac.uk