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Emoti-OS is a chatbot. It uses conversations with its users to understand the collective mood of pupils at Plymouth School of Creative Arts (UK). It is created for and with these pupils to give students a voice and a way to express how they collectively feel about important matters at the school.

Plymouth Academy of Creative Arts.

How does Emoti-OS work?
The Chatbot uses a piece of software developed by IBM called “Watson”. This is a tone analyser of sentiments in language, that is able to identify the following tones in conversation: joy, sadness, excitement, fear, confusion, anger and disgust. It then outputs this as an emoji-style image.

What is the purpose of Emoti-OS?
Emoti-OS is a collaborative art project produced in partnership between i-DAT, Plymouth School of Creative Arts (PSCA), Intercity and Controlled Frenzy. The purpose is to determine the mood of the PSCA body of students by analysing the tone of their conversations with the chatbot. The project is co-design and managed with a group of PSCA pupils, and is intended to give the pupils a voice and a chance to express how they feel.

What are the different emotions and what do they mean?
Excitement, Joy, Confusion, Sadness, Disgust, Fear, Anger

How are the different states calculated?
We take in the number of relevant emotion buttons being selected in the atrium and online and that gives us an overriding emotion. We then analyse the emotional tone of the conversation being had with Emoti-OS through IBMs Watson and average this with the levels from the button interactions and get the overall mood of the school.

How can you get Emoti-OS to ask your question?
You can pose a question to the PSCA pupils through the Emoti-OS Chatbot by submitting it here. Emotio-OS will then ask your question to the users it chats to.
Please note that this function is intended for PSCA pupils and submissions will be selected by the Emoti-OS pupil team with the Emoti-OS administrator.

Who made Emoti-OS?
Emoti-OS is a collaborative art project produced in partnership between a group of pupils from Plymouth School of Creative Arts (Charlie, Finley, Isaac and Zaskia with Angus Reith), i-DAT with Plymouth University, Intercity and Controlled Frenzy.

How does Emoti-OS use my data?
Emoti-OS is designed to respond to users conversationally like a human. So, when you send Emoti-OS a text response, it processes this and generates a conversational response back to you. Emoti-OS’s response may be in the form of text or image. The information (chat) you provide is aggregate to identify the mood of the individuals interacting with the Chatbot. This is done by analysing the tone of the aggregated conversations being had with the chatbot.
Emoti-OS does not collect any personally identifiable data from its users. Instead it stores the chats that users have with the Chatbot in order to analyse the tone of the language to generate an emoji-style icon/image. If a listed ‘harm word’ is used in conversation with the chatbot, it will prompt the user to enter their details so that they can be contacted by a member of the Plymouth School of Creative Arts (PSCA) safeguarding team.

Do I have to allow the creators of Emoti-OS to use my conversational data to improve Emoti-OS?
By using this website, you agree with the use of your conversational data and accept the terms and conditions of this service in full (for details please see the Terms & Conditions). If you disagree with these terms and conditions or any part of these terms and conditions, you must not use this website.

Who controls Emoti-OS?
Emoti-OS user interaction is managed via a dashboard by the technical team at Plymouth School of Creative Arts (PSCA). The software has been developed by and is managed by iDAT with Plymouth University and Controlled Frenzy.

How can I get in touch with the creators of Emoti-OS?
By contacting the Emoti-OS PSCA team: Charlie, Finley, Isaac, Zaskia or Angus Reith or email us on contact@emoti-os.me


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