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This image, along with around 5 others, are all that remain of Thom Yorke’s early Hypercard Stack experiments. Yorke was a student of Mike Phillips in Fine Art, 4D at Exeter College of Art, and one of very few students to use the Mac equipment for artistic purposes (as opposed to graphic design) choosing to develop interactive narratives which nurtured themes that are clearly evident in his later music output. He also contributed to the networking projects in collaboration with Roy Ascott and Robert Pepperell.

Phillips purchased Yorke’s hypercard stack for £10. Originally stored on an Apple 800k floppy and developed on a Mac Plus and Mac SE in Superpaint, the Hypercard Stack is now corrupted and unrecoverable. Audio samples, interactions and navigation have all been lost.

This fragment is exhibited in Future History v1.0 on a Mac SE curtesy of The South West Retro Computing Archive.


Lead singer of Radiohead.