School of Art, Design and Architecture

Mike Phillips

TIWWA (2016), Digital or Visual Media.

This is Where We Are (TIWWA).

This is Where We Are (TIWWA).

TIWWA Documentation Video

TIWWA Structure setup:

Modular low-polygon structure clad in LED screens. The structure contains lighting, audio, control and server systems. Framework clad in translucent textured screens. LED matrix, audio, data processing, dynamic displays and interactive systems programmed and integrated to create a self-contained, autonomous networked system.

Video recordings from installation:

TIWWA Structure and Robotic Fragments: Autonomous robotic roaming ‘fragments’ of the main structure – Object sensing and communication protocol: (flashing light and pre-defined ‘dance’).


The live and interactive animated sprite behaviour is generated from a mix of data, including:

  • Environmental feeds: from the building and weather data…
  • Sentiment analysis: of Twitter feeds via IBM Watson…
  • Audience behaviour: through interactions with the touch screen skin of the large object…