TOPLAP UK presents…

TOPLAP UK presents: Livecoding at Plymouth University’s Immersive Vision Theatre

20th September 2009 6pm

What is livecoding? Recently featured on the BBC website ( livecoding is a virtuosic computer music and video performance technique which involves the creation of a sound and/ or video generating computer program in real time in front of an audience. The performers’ screens are projected so that the audience can see the creation of the program as well as seeing and hearing its output.

Who is performing? In this performance, slub (Alex Mclean and Dave Griffiths) and Wrongheaded (Matthew Yee-King and Click Nilson) will perform in the state of the art Immersive Vision Theatre at Plymouth University, which is described as a ‘transdisciplinary instrument for the manifestation of material, immaterial and imaginary worlds’ ( It features full dome projection and a sophisticated spatial sound system. This is the first time that livecoding has been performed using such a system – a world first in Plymouth! As such, this performance represents a prototype for a planned tour of UK planetaria. Expect a variety of high tech electronic sound and visuals as well as some algorithmic choreography.

Contact: Pete Carss

Further info: TOPLAP UK (the loose organisation behind the gig)

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