Variations. 14.00 – 28/02/09

Part of the Contemporary Music Festival 2009:
Music and Evolution – 200 years of Darwin
2:00pm | Jill Craigie Cinema, Roland Levinsky Building. Saturday 28 February 2009.
i-DAT Presents ‘Variations’, a digital composition in three forms:

A10: “These two months at Plymouth were the most miserable which I ever spent”. A lament.

F10: Laws of Variation. (the pigeons orifices, ripe cooing fetishes, ignore poetic fishes, etc)

M10: Gene-Pool (the shallow end).
i-DAT presents Variations a digital audio/visual composition in three forms. Variations is inspired by Darwin’s thwarted attempts to leave Plymouth to embark on his legendary voyage on HMS Beagle. Variations is a collection of generative work that playfully explore some of the concepts revealed by his insights.