World on a Wire: Pete Jiadong Qiang Play-through

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Artist Pete Jiadong Qiang will join Michael Connor, artistic director of New Museum affiliate Rhizome, for a screening / play-through and conversation exploring Qiang’s recent interactive works. The event will revolve around the artist’s concept of the “HyperBody,” a transformative, fluid, group-determined identity composed of community material from gaming, comics, anime, and other fandoms, crossing over between physical and virtual space. Qiang explores the concept of the HyperBody in videogames and installations that incorporate practices drawn from videogame and online fan culture, including modding (making user-determined enhancements), crossover (bridging characters from various fictional words), and shipping (desiring romantic connection between fictional characters).

This event is presented in conjunction with “World on a Wire,” the first exhibition in a new partnership between Hyundai Motor Company and Rhizome of the New Museum to showcase leading digital art globally. Qiang’s work Dungeon: Maximalism HyperBody is currently on view at Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing, and online at

Pete Jiadong Qiang is currently a PhD student in arts and computational technology at Goldsmiths, University of London, and was trained as an architect (RIBA Part 2) in Architectural Association School of Architecture.


“World on a Wire” is a special project of Hyundai Motor Company and Rhizome.








Pete Jiadong Qiang is an Associate Lecturer at