2007 : Sonic Arts Network and i-DAT present: Expo Plymouth

Sonic Arts Network and i-DAT present Expo Plymouth 2007.

Expo is the hub and playground of the experimental music and sound art scene in the UK and beyond and the largest free festival of its kind in Britain. Each Year the festival travels to a different town.

In June 2007 the Sonic Arts Network came together with i-DAT and creative partnerships to produce Expo Plymouth. The event, packed with installations, happenings, workshops and gigs permeated venues throughout the city for four days. This film documents some of the highlights from the weekend.

The Expo festival is a free and fun annual event. It is the hub and playground of the experimental music and sound art scene in the UK and beyond. Like a sonic circus the festival travels across the UK and this year we make landfall in Plymouth. Join us for a packed weekend of installations, sonic ferry tours, performances, exhibitions, film-screenings, happenings, a large-scale sonic picnic, workshops and gigs. Expo presents something for everyone at sites all across Plymouth. You’ll hear new and amazing things, enjoy places and spaces in new ways and be part of a truly unique event.

[Most of this material is recovered from the Expo2007 DVD]

Images from Sonic Arts Network:

Expo Venues:



The White Rabbit:

The Hub:

Royal William Yard:


And various sites around Plymouth…


Sonic Arts Networks: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonic_Arts_Network

Expo 2007 Plymouth DVD



Tracks from the Expo 2007 Plymouth DVD

Track 1:

Evan Parker & Behaviour (extract) 8’08”

Track 2:

Vatican X-Ray Department Corporate Blond Fluffer 5’06”

Track 3:

Portable (extract) 5’23”

Track 4:

Sileni (extract) 7’18”

Track 5:

Tom Bugs & Hilary Jeffery: Tromboscillator (extract) 4’41”

Expo Youth @ Expo Plymouth 2007

2007 introduced a new stream of Expo programming where in a diverse range of Plymouth’s young people muscled in on the 2007 Plymouth Expo programme. Supported by Creative Partnerships their work added a virulent avant-local twist to out proceedings. Their work was presented at the main festival sites alongside the work of professional artists.

Expo Youth work commissioned for Expo Plymouth featured:

School of Fish: Ebait – am interactive multimedia installation featuring sub-bass reactive animated fish

5X: Digital Hotdogs – a roving hotdog cart with a twist!

The Sunmaids: Operation Raisins – Conceptual art inspired teens presented an interactive sound sculpture that dispensed both healthy foodsnacks and Casio-raisincore.

Fudge: Sweet Dreams – An interactive sound environment of space hoppers and giant inflatables

Darwin’s Walk – A large kinetic metal sculpture incorporating Soundbeam technology

[MIA Awards Winner]

In 2008, Expo will be in Brighton from 4-6 July.