Adam Russell

Adam is a Lecturer in Computational Media Arts in i-DAT. He studied philosophy at Oxford and Artificial Intelligence at Sussex, then spent some years working in the videogames industry on the design and coding of simulated characters, where he became an authority on the tension between authored narrative and individual autonomy (of both player avatar and non-player characters). He began to move away from conventional videogames into more experimental practice with his award-winning interactive cinema feature Renga. This led to a breadth of work with VR headsets, skeletal and facial expression tracking, and visual programming environments such as VVVV, PD and Node-RED. Some recent work has dispensed with screens entirely, building an interactive control system for a 7-foot tall robotic figure, and constructing a new data model for nonlinear temporal markup. This range of work reflects a nomadic attitude, underpinned by philosophical concerns.