Artist Talk: Marc Fournel

“From a circle to a sphere”
Artist Talk: Marc Fournel
Tuesday 25 November 2008, 5.30pm – 6.30pm
Immersive Vision Theatre University of Plymouth
Cost: Free
i-DAT has been awarded a Canada Council for the Arts ‘Grants to New Media and Audio Artists: New Media Residencies’ for the sound and installation artist Marc Fournel. This new award will enable Marc to develop a project incorporating Arch-OS and the Immersive Vision Theatre (IVT).
In this talk, Marc, will present some of his video installations and latest art work using local positioning systems. He will also present his current research being developed through his residency, with a specific focus on working with the Arch-OS system and the IVT.
This will further be an opportunity to experience the IVT’s unique immersive system, whilst re-rendering the universe on the fly through ‘UniView’ (, a computer graphics platform bringing information data- bases to life in a 3D environment, much like an immersive computer game.