Coding Poetry

24-26 October 2008

Portland Square Building, University of Plymouth, North Hill, Plymouth
Become part of the collective Respect poetry displayed on the Urban Screen by txt: ‘respect’ followed by ‘your word’ to 07766 404142.

An Urban Screen Installation produced by the people of Plymouth, in association with  i-DAT, for the Plymouth Respect Festival, October 25th – 26th 2008.

It combines a rich mix of the physical and virtual by incorporating SMS poetry into a dynamic building size, interactive and collaborative poem, displayed on a 5 x 8 meters Urban Screen on the Portland Square building at the University of Plymouth. Constructed using 40 x 1 metre ColourWebs, normally used for concerts, this is the first permanent installation of this technology in the UK.

To participate txt the word ‘respect’ followed  by ‘your word’ to 07766 404142 , and become part of the growing poem of Respect.

Coding Poetry is part of a large scale Digital Interpretation Projects for Centre for Sustainable Futures, (CSF), at the University exploring sustainable feedback. The engagement of people through this rich media platform provides a critical opportunity for the CSF to communicate ideas towards the development of a sustainable campus. The huge screen is unlike any broadcast channel the University has had before, and acts as a key element in disseminating a range of different forms of data, information and knowledge.
By integrating streaming data from a wide range of campus resources, it will be able to provide a feedback system upon the health of the campus, as well as the size of its environmental footprint. From cascading waterfalls expressing water use, to fires on Portland Square representing energy use, the screen will become the vital link between research activity and widespread interpretation.