DESIGN RESEARCH – Expanding Research Networks

Design Research collaboration: Design Knowledge, i-DAT and Message

Design Research Workshop delivered in collaboration with the Message and Design Knowledge Research Groups.

Date: Wednesday 29 January

13.00 Lunch – research posters (2nd Floor Balcony)

14.00 Dóra Ísleifsdóttir & Åse Huus research seminar (Design Lab)

Location: Design Lab

Expanding research networks

Research seminar: Dóra Ísleifsdóttir & Åse Huus & research poster event.

We are delighted to inform you that the next Design Research seminar will be given by Professor Dóra Ísleifsdóttir & Associate Professor Åse Huus from Bergen, Norway.

Dóra Ísleifsdóttir:

Dóra, is an Icelandic graphic designer, artist, design activist and a Professor in Visual Communication at KMD, University of Bergen, Norway.

Åse Huus:

Åse is an Associate Professor in Visual Communication KMD, University of Bergen, Norway. Her areas of specialisation are editorial design/book design, typography, visual identity, idea development and process/method. Huus has been awarded Gold in Grafill’s visual design competition The Year’s Most Beautiful Books (Årets vakreste bøker).

Dóra Ísleifsdóttir & Åse Huus are co-editors of Message – Graphic Communication Design Research journal.
Over lunch, there will be a networking opportunity to view and discuss Design Research posters from members of Design Knowledge, i-DAT and Message.

Poster Session:

Jamie Billing: 50/50 Production Products. Engineering a precise place for digital and handmade production objects.
Dr. Stephanie Black: Exploring the contemporary Moon Under Water through illustration: nostalgia and the power of the image.
James Brocklehurst: How can the visualisation of regional open data using emerging digital typography technologies assist with data literacy agendas?
Dr Gianni Corino: Thingbook. How design prototyping tool can support a participatory approach to data and their trading? how can we generate value in a decentralised data system made of new technological artefact?
Pete Quinn Davis: SKINNING: This work investigates the creative potential of using 3D scanning and printing techniques (machine learning) not just to replicate/reproduce originals, but to transform scales and spaces to generate a new genre of (design/sculptural) artefacts.
Elena Del Signore: UBICARE How to address construction waste through design.
Joel Hodges, Luke Christison, Mike Phillips: GABOXR: Naum Gabo: Bronze Spheric Theme c.1960 / Scan / Model / Projection / Interaction. GABOXR is a Quorum project which comprises research in the design and application of software/hardware to augment public engagement of cultural experiences.
Sophie Homer & Victoria Squire: Under pressure – Psychological perspectives on letterpress, craft, and wellbeing.
Christiana Kazakou: Hybrid Narrative Environments: a ‘beyond disciplinary’ approach for intermediating art and science discourse.
John Kilburn: What is Fresh Air? Can illustration projects have impact and make a difference to environmental issues?
Marc Tharsil Trotereau: LightVolume – Plastic waste within the lampshade industry.
Dr Helen Margaret Walter: Embodied History: Wearing Historic Dress and Textiles in the Cavalcade of Costume.
Dane Watkins: How Likely is it that you would recommend this to a friend, family member or colleague.
Dr Stephanie Black & Ashley Potter: ALE TALE: Augmented Reality Beermats.