DI-EGY FEST 0.1 [Festival]


“Technology has profoundly changed the way we connect, work and play in Egypt. Technology can even start a revolution?

27th March to the 10th April 2013. Cairo, Egypt.

i-DAT is proud to support DI-EGY FEST 0.1 {http://www.di-egyfest.com/index.html}.



We face many questions today, after our revolution. Now is an ideal moment to establish our first Digital arts festival in Egypt: “DI-EGY FEST”. From the 27th March to the 10th April 2013, Di-Egy Fest will present different activities for Egyptian and international artists and audience in Cairo. They will have the chance to see digital arts exhibitions, projection nights, visit open studios, attend academic conferences, or participate in one of six different workshops. Children will have a chance to learn about digital arts through the Di-Egy children section too.”


i-DAT Workshop: