SOURCE [Exhibition].

Cairo, Egypt. 30 March / 10 April.GEZIRA ART CENTER, CAIRO.

Source visualises real-time global data feeds. The projected virtual space allows subtle viewer interactions and responds to twitter feeds and data scrapped from social networks. The data feeds, drawn from many tributaries, are remapped into the virtual space to provide a dynamic fountain of information. Source remaps the flow of global data into a temporal stream revealing the aggregated ebb and flow of information. Manifest as a dynamic virtual structure within a infinite space, spikes and bursts of data generate an acoustic accompaniment.

The flow of light through the air had begun to slow,

layers of time overlaid each other, 

laminae of past and future fused together.

Soon the tide of photons would be still,

space and time would set forever.

(Ballard, JG)

Source is a manifestation of i-DAT’s Operating Systems. These ‘Operating Systems’ dynamically manifest ‘data’ as experience in order to enhance perspectives on a complex world. The Operating Systems project explores data as an abstract and invisible material that generates a dynamic mirror image of our biological, ecological and social activities. The Operating Systems project proposes a range of tools and initiatives that have the potential to enhance our ability to perceive and orchestrate this mirror world. Source lifts the veil and provides a glimpse of the space beyond the mirror.

Source was constructed by:

Stavros Didakis, Ziad Ewais and Mike Phillips.

More information on i-DAT and its activities can be found here:

Ballard, JG. (2002) Myths of the Near Future. The Complete

Short Stories. London: Flamingo. Pp 2131