Quantum Consciousness.

Quantum Consciousness: A visual/sonic installation that immerses the viewer in quantum phenomenon.
During the residency at i-DAT  artist Paul Thomas  assisted by Luke Christison  has been able to translate his art Quantum Consciousness to a fully immersive  audio-visualisation  dome environment of atomic data which indexes the quantum “movement” of an electron. This project delivers an aesthetic and immersive experience that places the viewer inside the virtual superposition of a sub-atomic particle (i.e. its field of probability). This audiovisual experience establishes a metaphor and indexical map of human thought. The quantum spin of the electron here mapped is serving as the conduit for the form of the sensory stimuli of the work. The broader significance of Quantum Consciousness concerns the possibility of non-human, computational intelligence commingling with human consciousness. This link stems from the fact that the “material” of the electron and its quantum behaviour is the basis of the possibility of quantum computation.
Quantum Consciousness (in collaboration with Kevin Raxworthy) is in the visualization of the co-emergence of thought-data (viewer) and quantum-data (electron). The scientific research informing the work was conducted in collaboration with Assoc. Professor Andrea Morello. Dr.Morello’s current research looks at controlling the spin of electrons and nuclei for the development of the processor in quantum computer. The experiment makes visible and audible the spin of the superposition of a phosphorous electron that has been bombarded by microwave signals.The paradox of the quantum superposition (best articulated in the Schrodinger’s Cat – thought experiment) exists as an actual and empirical condition in which an electron occupies multiple positions in space simultaneously, but none specifically.
The scientific data for this project is generated from a microwave signal which transforms a reading of Richard Feynman’s (1982) paper on the birth of the quantum computer. The link between the quantum computer, consciousness and artistic expression is presented via the installation through the co-emergence of thought and quantum conditions. Quantum Consciousness is thus an experiment in the imaging and materialising of impossible states of quantum matter and the co-emergence of human consciousness.
Quantum Consciousness is featured on the March cover of the prestigious journal Nature Nanotechnologyhttp://www.nature.com/nnano/journal/v11/n3/covers/index.html